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Hi. I’m Dietitian Sherry. 

I’ve been a dietitian for almost 18 years and have experience in clinical pediatrics, school nutrition, nutrition communications and private practice. I’m an educator, writer, and an avid cook. For years I’ve been battling misinformation, myths, and pseudoscience in the worlds of food and nutrition, and wellness. My goal is to help uncomplicate these subjects with accurate, evidence-based information and services. I am a nutrition communicator and provide writing and speaking services for conferences, events, and organizations. I also provide virtual evidence-based nutrition coaching, referrals, and resources for people navigating unhappy tummies, food allergies and other adverse reactions to foods. From time-to-time, work with a limited number of brands, companies, and organizations in the food allergy community. I’m here for you – and I’m so glad you’re here. How can I help?

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Food Allergy FAQs

Some questions come up so often that they made the FAQ list. Check out this resource for the most common food allergy questions we hear.

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Looking for support and survival tips for newly diagnosed? Check out these resources for families and adults with food allergies.

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Managing tummy distress, food allergies and adverse food reactions, navigating shopping, cooking, dining out, and more can be hard.
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